In the entrance of Nea Peramos village, just 150 m away from the sandy beach, we offer for sale a plot with a total area of 13.708,00 sq.m. The land includes the famous building of Nea Peramos SILO which used to serve as cereal drying facility. It is build of concrete, in the characteristic shape of eighteen cylinders with internal diameter 6,00 m and height 40,00 m The largest part of the mechanical equipment is still in good condition. This element contributes to the possible characterisation of the building as modern industrial heritage.


Apart from its apparent industrial potential, it may also serve as a 300-bed hospitality unit, provided that the necessary changes will take place. For example, the rooftop, which offers a stunning sea view, can be transformed into an elegant bar and dining area. A few years ago, our company collaborated with architect Mr Charalampos Tsouroukidis who studied the situation from a hospitality perspective and offered functional and innovative insights.


Agiou Tryfonos Street

On the ground floor of a two-storey building, close to the church of Agios Nikolaos and primary school, just 10 minutes walking from the center, we offer for sale an apartment 62,00 sq.m, with one bedroom. living room with kitchen, bathroom and a balcony. The unit is furnished, fully-equipped and with an independent heating facility. In 2020, it was renovated and since then it operates as a vacation rental under the Casa Adélia brand.

Vitsi Street

A little bit further, on the 2nd floor of a two-storey building, we offer a 97,00 sq. m. apartment. It includes three bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, bathroom and a spacious balcony with a panoramic view. Apart from its independent heating system, the house offers a fireplace too.





Agiou Orous & Agion Panton Street (Korelko)

In the Korelko neighbourhood, above the old highschool of Nea Peramos, we offer a three-storey building 138,00 sq. m . with five bedrooms, internal staircase, living room, kitchen, bathroom, heating facilities, fireplace and balcony with a stunning view to the Gulf of Nea Peramos. 




Vrasidas Peninsula

The Vrasidas beach right in front of the plot.
The Vrasidas beach right in front of the plot.

At the end of Vrasidas Peninsula, about 3 km away from the Castle of Nea Peramos, we offer a seaside 8.389,00 sq.m plot - olive grove. Right in front of the land, you can reach the beach of Vrasidas, which is particularly popular for its natural beauty and crystal clear waters. The plot can potentially be transformed into an eco-friendly hospitality business.