CHRISANIDIS S.A. is a technical - commercial - agricultural - industrial - tourism company. It operates in the city of Kavala and west suburbs. Charalampos N. Chrisanidis is the founder and ex-CEO of the company. Since 1977, he has been working hard together with his partners to keep the organisation on track to success. 


The company's portfolio includes:


Private projects, issuance of building permits, and property evaluation as a partner to banks. 

✓ Construction and sale of residences in the city of Kavala, Nea Iraklitsa, Nea Peramos and Kavala-Thessaloniki Coastal Highway. So far, the Chrisanidis company has offered housing solutions to more than 200 families. The combination of know-how and top quality materials guarantees the best possible result. 

✓ Public projects such as convention centres and schools, which demand specialised knowledge and careful supervision.

✓ The construction of waterproof, isolation and drywall projects which demand the knowledge of both materials and modern application techniques. 

✓ The construction, purchase and utilisation of high-potential real estate. A few examples of this activity are illustrated below:



✓ In 1985, CHRISANIDIS S.A. expanded its activity by entering the sector of material trade. Since then, the company has been partnering with the best suppliers offering a wide variety of building and insulation materials. Exceptional quality, service consistency and reasonable prices have always been the keys to success.


✓ In 2008, CHRISANIDIS S.A. capitalised on the family's agricultural tradition and entered the food and beverage sector. The company founded a new food processing business in Mirtofito named "Topika Proionta Gis" (products of our land). Using modern equipment and having food safety as a top priority, the craft produces jams, preserves, olives and olive oil which stand for their quality and exceptional flavour.  


✓Since October 2015, Nikolaos Chrysanidis - the son of Charalampos-, has been serving as the CEO of the company. He also works as a business consultant and vacation rental manager. His main goal is to modernise operations and create the safest possible atmosphere for the next steps in dynamic sectors such as tourism and energy. The technical and commercial parts remain under his father's management.