Are you looking for an apartment to buy or rent? Are you interested in investing in our region? Are you considering renovation or upgrade of the energy level of your residence? Are you in need of an engineer or business consultant?


Whatever reason you visited our website for, we are here to help you.  


We build and offer apartments and residences in the city of Kavala and the west suburbs, always using the best of construction materials. We capitalize on our long experience in construction and real estate, investing in various properties of industrial and tourism potential.  


You may visit one of our warehouses either in Kavala (10, Korinthou Str.) or Nea Peramos (SILO, opposite the port) to check our great variety of building and insulation materials, which we buy directly from the most reliable producers. Top material quality, experience, and reasonable prices have always been the critical factors of our success.


In case you need advice for your property or business, you may book an appointment and visit our headquarters located in Kavala, 6, Dagli Str. (4th floor, opposite the Kavala Prefecture building). Our team of experts will do their best to guide and offer you the ideal solution.